… on 2018 words

This article from The Economist will give you a list of the words popular in 2018. The following video will give you more details about the 2018 Oxford word.    

about women’s right to vote

You can watch the visual timeline, or check this interactive timeline. Two videos to celebrate the 100 year anniversary for women's rights   Here's the trailer of Suffragette (2015), about the fight for  women's right to vote in the United Kingdom. And one more video about how it happened in the United States,  

about plastic

First what happens to all the plastic we throw away, Then some possible solutions, caterpillars might come to the rescue or innovative ideas, We could also look at India for solutions  

about “Black Panther”

A couple of videos on what this new Marvel superhero is also about and an article from Time 'The true history behind Black Panther's Dora Milaje Warriors" , about what inspired some of the characters.  

On guns in the United States

Unfortunately the news puts this issue rather too often in the headlines, so here are a few videos to discover, better understand the issue, train your oral comprehension and add to your notion presentations. First a presentation of the gun issues, Then a short history of the NRA (National Rifle Association) one major actor in the... Continue Reading →

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